Benefits of Sports on our Mental Health

Many people do sports to keep fit or because it’s a hobby. They enjoy the physical exercise that keeps their body active and in good shape. Others enjoy sporting activities because they spend time with friends and loved ones, especially if they all want the same sport. However, sports and games boost one’s physical health and promote the body’s overall health. It’s a way to engage socially and refresh physically and mentally.

Games and exercises are a way to get rid of stress and disturbing thoughts 

When people engage in the physical activity they enjoy most, it gives the brain time to relax and release happy hormones. Some people also find it an excellent way to relieve the pressure inside when dealing with stressful situations. During games, the brain releases endorphins, the hormone responsible for relieving stress and pain, and reduces stress hormone production. Within twenty minutes into sports, they are calm and less stressed. The endorphins also make one in a better mood than before.

Sports facilitate better sleep

Stress is the number one cause of insomnia. When people lack enough sleep, they become more gloomy, exhausted, and tense. However, when a person engages in sports, their body tires out, and therefore it gives them a better chance of sleeping. The calmness from the happy hormone is a bonus to relax the mind and help someone sleep. 

Exercising helps heal from mental trauma 

People who have had traumatic experiences, especially from childhood, have a better chance at healing when they engage in sports. Trauma can be from physical, sexual, or mental abuse or traumatic experiences like accidents or losing a loved one. Research shows that children who went through trauma have better mental health when engaging in sports. This is because they have a chance to relax, be calm, and think of physical activities rather than be depressed. 

Team sports promote better mental health

Experts did research comparing women who do team sports like tennis and individual sports like running or going to the gym. The results showed that team games promote better mental health because one must involve the support of others. It also gives them a chance to enjoy and talk to other people, unlike working out alone when in deep thoughts. 

In general, one can see that sports give a way to work out through stressful situations and enjoy physical exercise. On top of physical fitness, exercises give mental wellness as well.

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